Nice Place Foundation (NPF) farm report
Nice Place Foundation Farm

The Nice Place foundation demo farm is providing its food right from the farm to mouth, the girls grow organic nutrient rich vegetables, this include kales, spinach and tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, courgette, ground nuts, coriander, maize, onions and pumpkins from the farm that produces an abundant variety that is sold locally. This enhances capacity building as they learn how to add additional value from the farm produce.

The farm is divided into four blocks, one block is under all vegetables and the three blocks are under maize production. The maize estimates to be produced will be 27 bags of 90Kgs.On average we get about 600kg of kales and 500kg for five months.

The farm project is a sustainable venture for the Nice Place Foundation which needs to yield back return on investments. The farm is a cost cutting measure in food procurement and wellbeing of the girls in the center, The investment of this firm will keep Nice Place running and allow girls to archive their dreams, through agribusiness learning and land use.

Our Plea “is to make this farm workable for the girls through your participation in kind and monitory support to realize this dreams”